How does it affect the image and image of the game and what can lead to unnecessary savings on such an important part of the company. I will provide excellent projects an top ux company Washington and links to them. And also destroy the main myths.

Awareness in the corporate style

       In the past few years, the problems of corporate authentication have started to manifest more often. This is due to the appearance of a large number of organization competing among themselves within the same business area. In such circumstances, there was an urgent need to stand out from the background of others, to forever settle in the minds of potential customers. This problem is designed to solve the service of creating a  identity, suits you contact here top ux company Washington.

       The form style is a set of design elements that reflect the essence of your organization, as well as the rules for their use on various media. Simply put, the corporate identity includes a logo, colors, fonts, patterns and so on, as well as the rules by which these elements are used to make business cards, letterheads, business documents, souvenirs and much more.

       Basic style form attributes:

1. Logo

2. The color scheme

3. Brand fonts

4. Packing of goods

5. The character of the company

6. Other selections


       In some companies, enter a corporate dress code (blue boss tie or yellow loader overall), paint the cars in the basic colors, which in turn form in the minds of employees a certain understanding that they are part of a whole. There are many useful things you can find here: top ux company Washington.

       It looks simple in theory, does not it? However, in practice there are many questions that generate various speculations. Next, we will consider the five most significant myths about the form style that exist today in the Far East, which I want to dispel.

Myth One "Our company already has a corporate style"

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         Why is this happening? Imagine a organization that exists on the market for many years. She never ordered the development of form style, but only printed advertising materials, ordered the creation of the site, etc. In the process of "life", the company had a certain semblance of  style. Most often it was manifested in oral recommendations, like, "our color is blue" and "do the same as it was." Naturally, all the advertising materials looked similar to each other, but, nevertheless, there were no such important components as uniformity, clear recognition and thoughtfulness.

Myth Two "Our company does not need a corporate style at all"

       There are many companies that work with customers found independently. That is, on their own initiative, clients never address them. For example, organizations that work only on tenders conducted by state enterprises and institutions. It would seem, why create a visual image of the company, if it can not be used to influence customers? This is where one of the main problems lies in the misunderstanding of the essence of corporate identity. Many companies have long used the dress code (uniform of employees) and are well aware of its need. This is to some extent disciplining employees. Thus, there are no companies that do not need a corporate identity, there are companies that do not know how to use it correctly.

Myth Tree "Young companies do not need form style"

        To create a company, you need serious costs. Companies are trying to save literally everything, including design. For this reason, the founders, most often, are limited to ordering the development of only a logo. Problems arising from this approach begin almost immediately. The first thing to order is business cards.

        The rules on which business cards are issued, no, how to place a logo on them is unknown. Next comes the question of signboards and signboards on the door, and they are also made by intuition, as there are no strict corporate standards either. As a result, in a year and a half the situation looks rather deplorable: the company has a logo and a huge collection of completely different materials. How to bring all this in line and effectively used in the competitive struggle for a place in the market is completely incomprehensible. This is what can lead to excessive savings on such an important component of the organization as a form style.

Myth Fourth "Corporate style is too expensive"

        On the one hand, the development of a corporate style is an extremely responsible and time-consuming process and, of course, such a job simply can not cost a little. On the other hand, you do not need to order the development of the most complete package. For starters, there are always enough basic elements and carriers - a logo, a font, patterns, business cards and forms with a headline. Also, the development of all these elements individually, as a rule, costs an order of magnitude more than a single package.

       For this reason, what in the Far East will cost thirty thousand rubles, in the central part of Russia will be estimated at one hundred two hundred thousand. In this regard, it would be strange to talk about inflated prices for the service in conditions of not fully formed market.

Myth Five "Form style can be ordered anywhere"

       A large number of companies now provide a corporate style development service, and more often than not, an additional one. For instance, a web studio, mainly engaged in the development of sites or an advertising agency specializing in the creation and placement of advertising. In such cases, the work on creating a style style is shifted to a full-time designer. The problem is that creating a corporate identity is too multifaceted and quite a specific task, one that can not be solved by one, even the most good designer. In order to determine the message, which is laid in the corporate style, important to conduct a marketing study; to create a graphic component, you need not only a designer, but also an illustrator; to design the resulting result in the brand book, you should contact the copywriter, etc. The introduction of corporate style is no less important stage, the successful implementation of which depends solely on the customer. This stage never ends if the business continues. Corporate identity does not live by itself. In order for the logo and brand to become a brand necessary for faith, the support of all the personnel of the company is also correct and constant use.


Strategic chance

       Currently, Far Eastern companies pay little attention to corporate style problems, including because of the existence of the above myths. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the service of creating a corporate identity is extremely important and will become in demand in the foreseeable future. Therefore, anyone who has time to create a vivid and memorable image of his company right now, will be able to get ahead of competitors and get another strategic advantage in his field.


5 myths about the corporate style that ruined for me top ux company Washington