In this article, I have prepared a collection of Instagram automation tools that help you to rock your acc.

There are various kinds of Instagram automation. The spectrum of its possibilities spans every niche, from DM module, is created for saying hello to your first-timers, to Scheduled Posting Module, is dedicated to getting rid of chaos on IG and adhering to a general account concept.

Take comfort in thought there is the instrument with the help of you can drive fifty percent more traffic to your profile for 90 days! Intrigued? Read up the article to the end and flex your IG promo muscles!

Needless to say that, Instagram Automation bot is just a super power to robotize your casual tasks: auto-liking, auto-following, auto-commenting, auto-posting at “happy hours”, auto-replies. Imagine, you are a famous blogger or successful company. You have an SMM-specialist who is responsible for running your IG, where 999K+ unread messages and 31+ upcoming posts. Instagram automation can significantly reduce the burden on the manager or become a cheap replacement. It is great, isn’t? Don’t forget about necessity to catch attention first-timers. Promo module is ideal for these tasks. So, we prepared a selection for those who are drowning in routine tasks and need the ambulance of bot.

On your marks, get set, go!

How to capture fresh customers?

Smart Instagram bots do tons of routine tasks for you and are ready to become a go-to tool in urgent situations. There are several ways to boost your audience and increase engagement rate.

#1. Auto-likes.
Without any doubt, individuals are happy when somebody assesses their photos. Automatic likes help you to save your daily time, nerves and energy and gain mutual likes.

#2. Auto-follow/unfollow.
What's IG follow button superpower? It draws attention to your acc and helps to grow naturally your interaction.

#3. Auto-comments.
I assume you heard well-written comments are worth more than likes and followings. Write extraordinary comments and the automation tool will send them to the niche-specific audience.

Instagram promotion is time-consuming work. And if you are a social media specialist running several accs, you will need even more time!

Come on, it's not that bad. There are lots of growth services that can make life easier for a crazy Instagrammer. The main thing about this business is to discover the most trustworthy Instagram Bot. Also, you need to be cautious and don’t perform actions too quickly.

How to boost sales?

Direct communication is one of the fruitful methods of attracting customers, partners, influencers, and followers on this social network. You can type text, add the link, attach the picture, so the possibilities are vast. Why is communication so important? There are at least three reasons.

#1. You can sell at the time of subscription.
It's essential to establish the first contact with a new client and sell while he is hot and interested in your product or service. Messages are sent automatically to Instagram Direct.

#2. You can establish a warm connection with first-timers and remind current followers about yourself.
Realize the bulk sender's power to build love communication with users who tagged your geo or hashtags. It can be your customers, competitor's customers, or individuals who are concerned about your products.

#3. You can get money from every call.
How is it possible? Track all customer requests and respond as quickly as possible. Instant answers will help close hot customers until they go to the competition!

Via Instagram automation, you can inform your fans about news, discounts, and secret sales. Activate Direct Messaging feature and build happy communication with your followers. It's a superior decision for your business. Using Instagram automation, you can build, support and keep in touch with every customers - from first timers to loyal audience. There are various sorts of DM's: greeting and appreciation messages for newcomers, messages with discount offers or sales for current followers.

How to make your account perfect?

Each entrepreneur understands that time is the essence. If your dream is to organize your job and to conserve time, Instagram scheduler will be extremely useful tool. Instagram images/videos planner assists you to focus higher on your super-cool content, publish content in the perfect hour and boost your glory.

Why should you use Scheduled Posting Module? Using Instagram post automation, you can:

#1. Make room in your schedule.
It’s so easy and convenient! Plan the posts a week/months of advance, get on a motorbike and take a trip to India, for example.

#2. Find a perfect working rhyme.
Imagine the situation, you are in the place without Internet. But your fans are used to posting at 3 PM every day. Using an auto-planner, you will protect yourself and your fans from emergency situations of various kinds.

#3. Define prime time.
A prime hour is an hour at which user activity is maximized. Thus, more individuals will see the image in the feed. You can determine your happy time with the help of Instagram statistics.

#4. Gain new knowledge.
There is no desktop version of Instagram. But if you are crazy Instagrammer or a social media specialists, you will understand that computer is ideal for Posts Scheduling and building love communication with your loyal clients or first-timers through Direct. Try a Scheduled posting module and use IG on pc.

#5. Organize your images.
Needless to say that IG focuses on a visual content. Using Auto-Planner, you can download several images and line up the composition of your feed.

#6. Be cured of a writer’s block.
You are creative person, and you are likely to be attacked by depression. Create a content in advance, upload it with an Auto-Planner, and procrastinate in good conscience.

To use or not to use Scheduled Posting feature, that’s your business. But note, irregularity, publication at the wrong hours and poor content nullify all attempts to gain an active target audience - people are simply not interested in what you do, so they don’t see the point of following.

How to find bloggers on the visual platform?

Now a search for influencers is not a problem - with the strong expansion of the visual platform. Right tags level up your influencer marketing. How? Give me five seconds and I explain what I want to say.

For instance, you desire to promote your new serum for mature skin. You are searching for blogger. You don’t need to take into account generic users who are influential in “cosmetics” - that’s too common! Hashtags like “AntiAgeCosmetisc”, however, can help you to figure out bloggers with real coverage and power over their fans to promote serum for mature skin.

Needless to say that the set of right IG hashtags is a special leverage for the avalanche of likes, comments, and followings. According to statistics, a photo/video with at least one hashtag stimulates near 12 percent more interaction than a photo/video without a hashtag. Yes, the right combination of tags can increase your audience, ramp up Instagram promotion, and get into the TOP.

I guess you understand that the mission of this smart, convenience, and simple tool is to make your content popular without enormous time and effort losses. Moreover, Hashtag Generator can automate your promotion on IG.

God bless Hashtag Finder!

10 Best Tools For Instagram Automation

I have made a list of ten instruments for Instagram automation that keep up to speed with IG changes to solve the agony of promotion on the image-sharing application. This list includes some old favorites and a few newcomers too.


Bigbangram is a beneficial instrument, which encloses the whole IG process of increasing fame, customers, and sales in one excellent tool. YES! I write the complete process of growing popularity, customers, and sales. Bigbangram consists of the standard set of IG promotions such as mass following and mass liking, Direct messenger, Post Scheduling module, Hashtag finder, and Comment tracking. Plus, you imagine it... before you make your mind up, you can try it! Free for 3 Days.


Inflact is an intelligent tool that read to promote your page just now. It has extensive functionality, and entrepreneurs rock their pages on the visual platform with the help of it. As you're aware, there are limits on the image-centric platform: accounts can be followed to about 1000 persons and put about 1000 likes. If you exceed these limits, your account may be blocked. Inflact operates within these limits, which means the promotion will be completely safe.

Inflact has additional modules such as auto-messenger and auto-planner and other extremely useful tools - Hashtag finder, Hashtag trends, and IG Downloader.

With the recent IG updates, Igramer has also tweaked its platform. To stay with the play by adding new characteristics such as detailed statistics and watching stories. Plus, Inflact's support is on the job 24/7.


Grow smart or die is a slogan of Aigrow. It is an automatized instrument to draw people's attention and increase sales on the popular platform. Aigrow is on the job while you are travelling on a motorbike across India. It puts likes, writes comments, follows, unfollows, follows back for you. It's easy to manage the service. It's enough to have any device with free Internet. Using the service helps to save time on boosting your followers. There are's modules such as Planner, Messenger, and Engagement Pods.


This smart bot can track likes put by users, leave comments, unfollow, publish new photos and videos on a schedule. You can prepare several templates with randomly changing text for comments. A message may appear immediately after the publication of new materials, using a hashtag or a keyword contained in a potential customer's question.


Combin has a robust search function. The individuals can search by position, tags, and by a mix of the activities. The Combin's team is confident this is an excellent manner of discovery relevant audience. Combin also saves time by organizing followers, likes, and comments for your boon with its filtering and sorting capacities. The fascinating characteristic of this growth instrument is that it has likes and following limits. That will save us a ton of worries about being like blocked or receiving a temporary ban.


Instarazzo is a growth service for SMM-managers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. It enables them to automatize all Instagram activities such as direct messenger, post planner, and comment tracking. Moreover, this instrument may help managers intelligent target their potential market.


Socinator is a potent instrument to do business via automation all Instagram processes. But Socinator can perform more. It is also an IG instrument by which you can control the DMs on the social platform with tons of individuals. Socinator will permit you to boost your audience and build love communication.


Sendible is a professional IG promotion instrument. The program permits you to robotize the work of attracting followers using various parameters: from mass following to catch the target audience by geo and tags, and automatic commenting.

Direct Bulk Sender

Direct Bulk Sender is an ideal choice if you desire to activate direct messaging function and nothing else. Direct Mass messenger is a particularized instrument only for sending DMs on the image-centric platform. You can set it up from any gadget, and it enables to type text, attach pictures or emojis. Direct Bulk Sender has a "per message" pricing policy.


Gramto is a platform used for increasing marketing on IG. It has characteristics that help to draw users' attention by receiving automatic likes, follows, and DMs.

Ten points go to

In this article, we tried to collect the 10 best tools for best Instagram automation. Unfortunately, we could not look for a free solution for such a task. The only thing that unites all 10 services and programs is a paid basis.

Today, Bigbangram and Inflact offer a standard set of tools such as Promo module, Direct Messaging and Scheduled Posting features, and Hashtag generator. Bigbangram and Inflact allow using different message templates, which can also be written as a plus. Moreover, in these services, the ratio of price and quality is observed perfectly.

We hope that this article will help you find the most effective, ideal version of the service for promotion through Instagram.

10 Best Tools For Instagram Automation